Best use of Technicolor

Technicolor consultant Natalie Kalmus did not consider GONE WITH THE WIND the best use of her company’s famous colour process. Probably because she had too many arguments with producer David Selznick, who ignored much of her advice. She also argued with Vincente Minnelli about the colour schemes he favored for MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS.

While both these films ultimately turned out stunning Technicolor visuals, it was a British production that Mrs. Kalmus felt was the best use of the new technology.

She seemed to think BLACK NARCISSUS was most representative of Technicolor’s true capabilities. She admired its judicious use of neutral tones (with none of the garishness often found in Hollywood productions). BLACK NARCISSUS had only occasional splashes of colour meant to emphasize key objects; and she felt the film’s use of contrasting shades helped to achieve a sense of harmony.