Do classic movies make sense? part 1

We love classic movies– but we also know that classic movies are not perfect, right? Things that sort of jump out at me, as being highly suspect (in no particular order):


1. It doesn’t make sense that most of the dialogue recited by Nazis in WWII films is spoken in English. They should be speaking Deutsch, and we should have to read subtitles. Hearing someone like Conrad Veidt speak perfect English in all his Hollywood movies where he plays a nefarious Nazi, seems highly unrealistic.


2. It doesn’t make sense when a studio goes to all the expense of remaking a silent film if it is filmed in black-and-white again. I would think one of the reasons something is being updated is to take advantage of newer technologies (like Technicolor). So why did Warners film its second version of THE SEA HAWK in much the same way its silent predecessor had been filmed?


3. It doesn’t make sense that no characters ever use the restroom to relieve their bowels. They only go to such places to powder their noses. I am not suggesting disgusting or unpleasant references to various restroom use (and certainly I am glad classic films seem devoid of toilet humor) but it does seem unusual that a character never gets up and says he or she has to go to the bathroom and will be right back.


4. I know the production code is to blame for the next one, but it most definitely does not make sense that married couples sleep in separate beds and manage to still have children.


5. It never makes sense when a star who has not one iota of musical talent is cast in a musical and then dubbed with a singing voice that clearly does not match her speaking voice. If movie making is about creating illusions, then shouldn’t studios work harder to foster the illusion that the person speaking is the one singing when she bursts into song?


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